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Honolulu Portrait Studio Photographer | Fine Art Portraiture

Oahu Portrait Studio Photographer | Fine Art Portraiture

Being a portrait studio photographer is something I never thought I would be, especially since I live in Hawaii. I distinctly remember having a conversation with another photographer who is exclusively studio and told her no one wants to come to Hawaii and have their photos taken in studio! She quickly responded with, “Actually, all of mine do!” It stopped me dead in my tracks. Never once had I considered this to be a possibility. I thought for sure everyone would want the beautiful Hawaiian sunsets and beaches. But she was correct. Not every one wants, or needs their portraits taken outside. Being able to capture the essence of who you are now, doesn’t require a beautiful sunset or beach. It simply requires you.

Oahu Portrait Studio Photography

Although this conversation took place more than 3 years ago, it has only been these past few months that I have truly begun to embrace to truth to these words. Earlier this year I decided it was time to take a huge leap and start offering portraits in studio. I have always loved the fine art portraiture you see in museums. The beautiful ornate frames around a masterpiece of art. It didn’t take me long to figure out what I wanted to provide clients who come into the studio. I want them to be able to walk away with a piece of history. History that will be passed on from one generation to the next. An heirloom.

Classic Artistry 

Classic art pieces have stood the test of time. And this is exactly what we want to provide for our clients. Classic artwork that will not go out of style, but will instead increase in value as the years go by. The amount of work that goes into each and every heirloom product doesn’t just happen over night. It may start with the click of the camera, but once our clients have chosen their favorite portraits, the painstaking artistry that goes into the finished art piece is incredible. The fine detail and individual hand strokes of the artist makes each portrait as unique as the next.

I am so extremely proud to be offering these products to our clients. Most of all, I am excited to get more of you into the studio and create some beautiful, timeless art…just for you.

Oahu Family Photographer: Debbie Leanne Photography
Location: Studio
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Oahu Family Photography | Family Portraits with Rainbow Baby

Family Portraits with Rainbow Baby – Oahu Family Photography

A Rainbow Baby is a baby born after the loss of a previous baby due to miscarriage, stillbirth, or death in infancy. Every parents worse nightmare. This term is given to these special rainbow babies because a rainbow typically follows a storm, giving us hope of what’s to come. Though the mourning may last through the night, joy comes in the morning… And Ocean is just that…Hope and joy!

I first met Denise and her husband about 4 years ago when she joined Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep (NILMDTS) as a fellow Photographer. Sadly, Denise and Trimbak were introduced to NILMDTS when their first son, Julius, was in the final days of his life and an affiliate photographer went to their home and took family photos before he passed away. Denise valued these photos with her life. They were all she had once they said goodbye to their son. Fast forward 4 years, another loss in between, but finally their rainbow baby is here.

You never know they value of a photograph until you no longer have that special someone with you. That is one reason why we truly believe in printed product here are Debbie Leanne Photography. In fact, the day you first hang your portraits in your home is the day they will be their least valuable. Their value will continue to increase as each day passes. And one day, when the special loved one is no longer with you, that portrait will be invaluable!

It was such an honor to be trusted with documenting Ocean and his family. His portraits will hang on the wall, right next to his big brother. DebbieLeannePhotography_OahuPhotographer_FamilyPhotography DebbieLeannePhotography_OahuPhotographer_FamilyPhotography

Oahu Family Photographer: Debbie Leanne Photography
Location: Ala Moana Beach Park
Time of Day: Evening
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Oahu Family Photographer | A Little Something to Remember Ewa Beach

Oahu Family Photographer | A Little Something to Remember Ewa Beach

This Ewa Beach family is embarking on an incredible family experience. A once in a life time opportunity that is afforded to very few people. Some families may only come to Oahu for a few days. Others will stay for years. But one thing is for sure, no matter how long you are here, you will want to take something with you when you leave. A little something to remember your time here in the islands. It was no different for this family when they decided it was time for them to take their business, and family, around the world. One last little reminder of their time here in Hawaii.

What better opportunity will these young children have than to travel and experience different cultures? Yes, they are leaving family and friends behind, but the opportunity ahead of them far outweighs the cost. I admire the brave decision to take the big leap. As we talked about their goals and dreams for travel, it was easy to get caught up in the sense of adventure. It will be fun to follow along and see where they end up over the next few years.

To remember their years here on Oahu, we designed a beautiful album for them to take with them on their travels. Now when they look back and reminisce, they will be able to remember how little the children were when they started their journey. I am so grateful for the opportunity to provide these memories for the families I photograph. You can never go back and they can never be replaced.

God speed, Bradshaw Ohana. I will be anxiously awaiting to see (and hear) where this humble Ewa Beach family ends up!

family on beach in Ewa Beach hawaii

Family jumping on beach in Ewa Beach HawaiiFamily on beach in Ewa Beach Hawaii

Oahu Family Photographer: Debbie Leanne Photography
Location: Nimitz Beach
Time of Day: Sunset


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Oahu Family Photographer | Military Homecoming – When your sailor comes home

Oahu Family Photographer | Military Homecoming….When your sailor comes home


When your sailor comes homes, there is nothing like the US Navy traditions upon returning from a long military deployment. It is not uncommon to see the families of the sailors standing on shore crying. Mothers, fathers, and children alike, all waiting for that first glimpse of their loved one. These are tears of sheer excitement, or sheer anticipation, as the deployment and separation is coming to an end. As the boat passes through the heads and the Missing Man tribute, all the families share the news with one another, yet it seems like an eternity before you see the ship finally pocking it’s nose around the corner and into the final stretch to port. All the sailors aboard the returning ship are standing on the deck anxiously awaiting the first glimpse of their loved ones.

Each and every time I do a military homecoming, my heart rejoices in seeing these loved ones reunited. They are all similar, yet so very different and this military homecoming was no different. It is hard to fight back the tears as you wait. Pacing back and forth, checking your phone for the “We’re here!” text. Wondering why you bothered to wear mascara because the anxious tears are already falling. The melody of the ships docked at Pearl Harbor as they sound their horns while the deployed vessel makes it’s way into home port. Tears, anxious waiting and sun….and lots of it. And finally, there was the long awaited embrace and kiss.

Welcome home, Petty Officer Third Class Crawford. It was an honor to photograph your return. I know you are more than pleased to back home again on solid ground with your beautiful wife for as long as possible.

Oahu Family Photographer: Debbie Leanne Photography
Location: Pearl Harbor/Hickam Air Base
Time of Day: Morning

Navy military homecoming


Navy military homecoming reunion

Sailor and wife kissing on dock after deployment

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Oahu Family photographer | Family Portraits

One of my favorite things to do is make sure mum is in the photos. Don’t get me wrong, I love it when the whole family is together, but let’s be honest, mums are usually the ones who take the photos of our kids and of our spouse with our children. This mum is always the one behind the camera. She is always taking photos of her husband and sons, but she is never in any of the photos herself. We are all guilty of it. We are often our own family photographer! So when the opportunity came up to have their family photos taken, she jumped at it.

However, on the day of the portrait session, her husband had to work. We were unable to reschedule due to travel, but after speaking with her husband (and contemplating not having the photos taken at all) they decided why not let it be just mum and the boys. After all, that was kind of the point of having the photos taken to begin with.

They won’t be this size for long. Remember the way they are right now. Shy. Clingy. Full of energy. Screaming. Whoever they are in this exact moment, they won’t be that way forever. I promise! So capture those moments. Make sure you get in to the photos yourself. Because you don’t want them to look back and not remember what you looked like when they were small. Memories fade. But photographs can preserve those memories for many, many years to come.

Mother and sons

Mother and sons

Mother and sons

Mother and sons

Mother and sons

Oahu Family Photographer: Debbie Leanne Photography
Time of Day: Afternoon

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Oahu Family Photographer | Family Christmas Ornament Tradition

Oahu Family Photographer | Family Christmas Ornament Tradition 

Almost 22 years ago, we received these Christmas ornaments on our wedding day. I must admit, at the time, I thought they were an unusual gift, however when that following December came around, these ornaments were the only ones we owned.

Hope Joy Love Christmas ornaments

A few months after we got married, my husband joined the Air Force. This was not part of the plan before we were married, nor was it really one after we were married, however, one day, and I still honestly don’t know how, it became an option. Before we knew it, he was off to basic training and tech school, and I was left alone, in a new country, a new town and the only people I knew were my new inlaws. May I add, while he was off starting his military career, he left me in Lubbock, Texas of all places! For this young girl who had grown up in Australia, Lubbock Texas was not one of beauty….add to that the fear of tornadoes which I had never experienced before either, and it was, shall we say, an interesting 6 months! But I digress…

Fast forward 6 months, and we arrived at our first Duty Station, Hurlburt Field, in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. We arrived in December, a few months after Hurricane Opal wiped out the beautiful sand dunes along the beaches. After we moved into our first townhouse and it came time to decorate for our first Christmas, those ornaments we received as our wedding gift back in February, were the only ornaments we had. Our household goods hadn’t arrived yet and we barely had anything in the house, so there was really no sense going and buying a whole lot of Christmas decorations. Instead, we bought a small fake tree and hung these ornaments on there.

Over the years….

Over the years, we slowly accumulated Christmas ornaments. (We even have a few from our own childhoods we’ve been able to add.) Our tree has never been one that would grace the cover of Better Homes and Garden Magazine, or compare to Martha Stewart. All of our ornaments have some kind of memory from that year specifically pertaining to each individual person. The tree is a hodgepodge of ornaments of all sizes and colors. Homemade and store bought alike. From a Monsters Inc. ornament (the first movie Abigail ever saw at the movie theatre), to the Precious Memories ornament of a little girl playing in snow (first time Denae saw snow). Or the car tyre from the year Kian discovered, and became obsessed with, the Cars movie! Each year more ornaments get added and each year it looks even more perfect than the last.

My goal for doing this was so when each of my children leave home, they will have at least 18 ornaments to take with them. 18 years of ornaments to decorate their own tiny trees with when they move into their own homes or dorm rooms. 18 ornaments that become a chronological timeline of their first and favorites. Some years it was easy, some years it was hard, but each year we have managed to collect an ornament that has some kind of significance from the 12 months of their lives.

Christmas ornamentsChristmas OrnamentsHere are some suggestions to start your own Christmas Ornament tradition for your growing family:

  1. Their first – first Christmas; or first snow. The first time they fly in an airplane. Or the first time baking a cake. One they may not want to remember but you do, like their first basketball game. Or when they get their drivers license and graduate high school.
  2. Choose a movie or book they absolutely loved that year.
  3. Family vacations –  pick up an ornament while you’re on your trip.
  4. Their favorite food or some new food they tried and discovered they liked.
  5. A photo of them in a small frame.
  6. The homes you’ve lived in. Being military for over 20 years, we moved around a lot. Each home we lived in, we decorated a little house and put our address and the years we lived there.

These are just a few ideas, obviously the list could be extensive, but these have served us well over the years and will continue to do so as we move into the next phase of our lives. Also, make sure you write your child’s name and the year they got the ornament. Don’t kid yourself that you will remember who’s ornament or what year it was from, no matter how good you think your memory is! Christmas Ornaments Christmas Ornaments

The bare tree…

I know the tree will look bare one day as each child moves out, taking their ornaments with them and starting their own lives. It will be bitter sweet as we don’t put up that “First Basketball Game” ornament one year, or the Dr. Who telephone booth, but we will add new ornaments as we continue to have new adventures.

To this day, we still hang those first 3 ornaments we ever received on our tree each year. We also hang 21 years of memories that bring all of our years together flooding back as we decorate. I may not be the best decorator of trees, but to me, these ornaments mean more to me than any perfect magazine worthy tree ever decorated. Because this is us!

Christmas Ornaments

Decorated Christmas Tree

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